Malta! Sunny climate, expansive beaches and over 7,000 years of intriguing history.

About Malta

Malta is superbly located in the heart of the Mediterranean. The Maltese archipelago consist of three islands with an area of 316 SqKm and a coastline of 196.8 Km with a total population of just over 400,000 inhabitants.

With its sunny climate, expansive beaches and over 7000 years of intriguing history and the population renowned for its hospitality makes it a prime tourist destination. Malta is a melting pot of civilizations with a history dating back thousands of years. The island has been inhabited since around 5200 BC and a significant prehistoric civilization existed on the islands prior to the arrival of the Phoenicians who named the main island Malta meaning a safe haven.

Later the islands were for centuries the seat of the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St John (commonly known as the Knights of Malta). The island then became a British colony and it eventually acquired its independence in 1964.

Malta became a member State of the European Union in May 2004 and adopted the Euro as its currency in January 2008.

Being in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea 93 KM from Sicily and 288 KM from North Africa and equidistant from Europe, Africa, Gibraltar and the Suez Canal.

The Historical port of Valletta has been the main port for the Maltese Islands until two decades ago when Marsaxlokk Terminal open its door for commercial and container vessels. Since then a joint effort between local organizations, has been done to establish Grand Harbour in Valletta as a main hub for Cruise Liners to be able to cater for this thriving industry.

The Island is also ideal for offshore bunkering and ship supplies with 6 bunkering areas thus having a possibility for shelter with every wind that would be prevailing on the Islands. The island being in the centre of the Mediterranean makes it ideal for bunkering, ship supplies and crew changes with minimum delays.

All these factors, including a climate which is warm and healthy, a well trained and disciplined workforce available at rates generally lower than other European countries, thus you would be maximizing services and minimizing costs.

Malta is an ideal location for our clients, business partners and principles. This has been so since the commencement of sea trade from the times of the Phoenicians.